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Healthy Restaurants in Minneapolis: A Nutritious and Tasty Food Guide

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Few things in life can beat a truly delicious, satisfying meal. One of them: A truly delicious, satisfying, healthy meal. 

Healthy food is empowering, helping your body feel energized and refueled — without excess fats and sugars weighing you down. Unfortunately, a lot of healthy foods seem to benefit your body more than your taste buds. So, where can you find tasty, fulfilling healthy food in Minneapolis?

We’ve assembled a list of the most fantastic, refreshingly healthy restaurants in Minneapolis! Here are some of the go-to places that have nailed down nutrition:

Union Hmong Kitchen

Founded by highly celebrated Chef Yia Vang, Union Hmong Kitchen mixes local Minneapolis traditions with those from South and Eastern Asia, introducing delectable Hmong flavors to local residents.

There are several outstanding healthy items on the menu, including the Zoo Siab Meal with Grilled Tofu. This delicious dish includes sweet chili marinated tofu, purple sticky rice, lettuce, pickled veggies, the ulta-popular Thai Basil Silken Tofu “Mayo,” and a special side — which can include a Charred Vegetable Salad or Koa Sen Rice Noodles with cabbage, veggies and herbs.

Viva Taco

Offering Mexican street food with a Vietnamese twist, Viva Taco is never short on flavor. Chef Quang Pham combines his Vietnamese roots with his love for Mexican cuisine, creating spectacular, one-of-a-kind dishes.

The Taco Meals are packed full of fresh ingredients like cilantro, chopped onions, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, smashed beans, Spanish rice, pico de gallo and more. The Viva Bowls are made with Revol Greens, lettuce, corn, English cucumber, and pico de gallo over a bed of white rice or brown rice. Both are available with lean shredded chicken, shrimp or tofu.

Soul Bowl

Chef Gerard and Brittney Klass are bringing delicious soul food to the forefront of Minnesota’s urban culture, creating Soul Bowl to be healthy, customizable and convenient — with a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. 

Enjoy a So Fresh Salmon Bowl with fresh salmon, mambo sauce, pineapple, yellow rice and collard greens, or choose a Cajun Turkey Bowl, featuring flavorful Cajun turkey, grilled corn, lemon garlic green beans and mashed potatoes.

Want to go vegan? Try the PB Southern Bowl with plant-based fried chicken, plant-based mac and cheese and tasty collard greens.

It’s All At Graze

Can’t decide which restaurant to choose? PLOT TWIST: they’re all in one place! Find Union Hmong Kitchen, Viva Taco and Soul Bowl all at Graze Provisions + Libations.

Graze is an exciting food collective in Minneapolis’ North Loop, featuring vendors who serve up vibrant, chef-inspired food and drinks. It’s your one-stop shop for the best and most inspiring healthy foods in Minneapolis!

Check out Graze’s menu full of wholesome and savory meals today!