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Craft Beer & Food Pairings In Minneapolis

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Are you a fan of Minneapolis’ craft beer scene? How about extraordinary gourmet dining? If so, you’ve probably thought about combining the two experiences together to double your satisfaction. 

So, what are the best restaurants in Minneapolis for craft beer and food pairings?

Get to know Graze Provisions + Libations: not just a Minneapolis restaurant with beer and food, but an entire chef-inspired food collective in the heart of the North Loop! Graze features a diverse selection of award-winning food vendors, along with hyper-local beers, wine, craft cocktails and more from the Libation Lounge.

Instead of sticking to one restaurant, or just any bar with food in Minneapolis, explore Graze for nearly infinite pairing possibilities — with two indoor/outdoor bars, a wine and coffee bar, and a wide variety of gourmet dishes, snacks, and even ice cream. Here are some craft beer food pairing ideas to get you started:

Our Favorite Craft Beer Food Pairings

Tacos & Indeed Mexican Honey Imperial Lager

Mexican street food complimented with Mexican-style beer? It’s a no-brainer! Tacos and cold beer are a classic pairing, and for good reason! They just go so well together. And nothing’s better than Mexican Honey Imperial Lager from Indeed Brewing Company, buzzing with citrus and floral notes, paired with savory Al Pastor tacos from Viva Taco. Now that’s a fiesta.

Fried Chicken Legs & Fulton Lonely Blonde

If you haven’t heard of Union Hmong Kitchen or Chef Yia Vang, you’re missing out! We recommend opting for the Mother Bock-er meal, featuring rice noodles, a delectable crispy Hilltribe chicken leg, fresh cucumbers, pickled vegetables, shredded cabbage, and herbs with a ginger vinaigrette. The rich and succulent chicken goes perfectly with Fulton Beer’s smooth, malty Lonely Blonde (American blonde ale), a medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival.

Smoked Brisket & Modist Pretty Metal

Modist Brewing Co. makes one heck of a dark lager! Pretty Metal is brewed with pilsner malt, roasted barley and midnight wheat, and hopped with Hersbrucker & Saphir. This dark, highly drinkable beer pairs perfectly with The Fabled Rooster’s Brisket Sandwich, featuring juicy smoked brisket on Texas toast and your choice of barbeque sauce. Now that’s a match made in flavor heaven! 

Texas-sized Burgers & Modist Dream Yard

Have a Texas-sized appetite? This one's for you! Two Mixed Up offers a Texas Hoedown Burger, featuring two smashed patties and American cheese topped with TMU house sauce, barbeque sauce and a crispy onion ring. So, what’s the right craft beer move here? We say Modest Brewing Co.’s Dreamyard, with a unique fruity, hoppy intensity. It’s sure to cut right through some of that delectable, meaty goodness.

Jerk Chicken Bowls & Castle Danger Cream Ale

Whenever you decide to visit Soul Bowl, the Caribe Bowl is a must! With Jerk barbeque chicken, sweet plantains, yellow rice and diced pineapples, this bowl is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The only enhancement? Cooling it down with the Castle Danger Brewery’s Castle Cream Ale. This slightly malty, somewhat sweet, perfectly creamy beer finishes smooth and clean — just right for balancing all out those bold Jerk flavors. With a pairing this good, your taste acquaintances will surely turn into taste buds.

Ice Cream & Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter

Say “peanut butter porter” five times fast! It might just be easier to drink it five times fast (although we aren’t advocating for that), especially when paired with scrumptious handmade ice cream from the Dream Creamery pop-up shop. This delicious combination is sure to thrill beer lovers and sweet tooths alike. Dangerous Man Brewing’s Peanut Butter Porter features wonderful notes of peanut butter, chocolate, toast, and hints of coffee for a full, robust flavor. 

Enjoy These Pairings at Happy Hour!

What could possibly make these fantastic pairings even better? Graze’s happy hours, specials and events! Get great deals on some of your favorite beers, or just enjoy them with some extra entertainment.

There’s always something exciting happening at Graze, from ice cream socials to date nights to drink specials, so be sure to check the calendar for whatever’s on the horizon! Because, while food and beer pair nicely, you and Graze pair even better.