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What Makes Graze the Best Food Hall in Minneapolis?

Graze Food Hall

If you’ve ever watched Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, you’ve probably noticed a lot of Twin Cities restaurants getting featured — seemingly once every episode or two. Why? Because Minneapolis is a hidden restaurant gem! Although bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles may steal the spotlight, Minneapolis is filled with amazing food and unique restaurant concepts, inspiring Guy Fieri to frequent the land of 10,000 lakes in his signature ‘68 Camaro. 

However, with all due respect to Chef Fieri, covering the best of Minneapolis’ greasy spoon restaurants is merely half the story. There are plenty of amazing eateries that aren’t diners, drive-ins or dives. In fact, Minneapolis is home to an incredible food hall scene.

What is a food hall, you ask? It’s a large building complete with a multitude of food vendors and communal gathering spaces. Think of it as a food court, but way better. Food halls offer the ultimate experience for any foodie, allowing you to get a little of this, a little of that — just like a fair or food truck festival, except with air conditioning and year-round availability.

So, in a city with so many exciting culinary experiences, what's the very best food hall in Minneapolis? Without a doubt, it’s Graze Provisions + Libations. Here’s why:

Extraordinary Food Options

To have the best food hall in Minneapolis, you need to have the best food. From sweet to spicy to savory, Graze has a huge variety of inspiring food options. 

No matter who you are or what you’re hungry for, you’ll definitely find something to crave. And we’re not just talking hamburgers or chicken tenders — Graze offers unique multicultural cuisine, such as Minnesota’s first avocado bar, flavorful Hmong dishes, southern-inspired low-country barbeque, Mexican-Vietnamese fusion and more. Oh yeah, and delectable handmade ice cream from the chef-owners of Travail.

Even better? Your family and friends are free to pick whatever they like, so there’ll never be any arguing or debating about where to go. Just split up, order whatever sounds tastiest, and reassemble in one of the many exciting gathering spaces overlooking the Minneapolis skyline. 

Outstanding Daylife & Nightlife 

By day, Graze is a great spot for grabbing some late breakfast or lunch, getting work done, or enjoying a smooth cup of coffee. It’s perfect for hanging out in the many cozy indoor spaces, or venturing out onto the rooftop patio to enjoy some sunshine. 

By night, Graze features a palpable energy, with a buzzing rooftop bar, an incredible firepit and a fun, communal atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for date nights, hangouts with friends, or game day meetups. Surrounded by amazing food, drinks and liveliness, you’re sure to have a great time.

If that’s not good enough, Graze is dog friendly — so, no matter what time of day you come, your best friend is always welcome.

Exciting Events & Specials

If you’re searching for a Minneapolis food hall that hosts fun events, look no further. Graze is jam-packed with happy hours, celebrations, specials, viewing parties, cook-offs, and more. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or game day, you can rest assured knowing something great is happening at Graze. Don’t believe us? Check out Graze’s event calendar.

Bustling Location

Graze isn’t just some food hall on the outskirts of Minneapolis, it’s right in the heart of the North Loop. Just a few blocks from Target Field and Target Center, Graze is a great spot to gather before or after games, concerts and events.

There’s also a slew of boutiques in the area if you’re into shopping, a huge selection of books and vinyl records at nearby James & Mary Laurie Booksellers, or countless other neighboring attractions. If you’re at all concerned about parking or transportation, you’ll be glad to know that Graze is only a short walk from the Light Rail and the METRO Green Line and Blue Line.

Distinguished Chefs

Need even more convincing that Graze is the best food hall in Minneapolis? Some of its vendors have national recognition.

Chef Yia Vang, a trailblazing chef in the Twin Cities, owns and operates Graze’s celebrated Union Hmong Kitchen. He was named MSP Magazine's “Chef of the Year 2019” and was recognized as a finalist for the prestigious James Beard Award in 2022 and a semi-finalist in 2023. Chef Vang continues to design incredible dishes that speak to customers through food, delivering a unique narrative with each menu item.

Chef and Veteran Shaun Holley is also turning heads with his restaurant The Fabled Rooster. One of Graze’s flagship vendors, The Fabled Rooster features food inspired by low-country barbeque recipes that have been handed down through the generations over the last 100 years. It’s southern barbeque history you can taste.

Head to Graze Today!

To experience the best food hall in Minneapolis — and arguably Minnesota — head to the North Loop neighborhood today. You’ll love all of the delightful food, drinks, and excitement that Graze has to offer. Come by yourself or grab a few loved ones and experience what Graze has to offer!